Flynn Ranch Hunting Check List

Below are some items we recommend bringing with you on your hunt at the Flynn ranch.
Permit/Tags: Your elk/deer and antelope tags are needed. Do not forget these!
Rifle: We recommend a minimum caliber of 270 for elk. Some exceptions would be the 25-06 or 257 Weatherby mag. 7mm or larger is preferred. These elk are large animals and I like to keep tracking to a minimum. It is important to bring a rifle that you are familiar with and one that has a good quality scope. If you have a modern scope with range finding or holdover marks please be sure you know how to use it. Be aware that the power setting greatly changes the elevation point of impact. These scopes are a wonderful tool once you figure them out. Have your rifle sighted in 3” high at 100 yds. Practice shooting with your rifle.
Ammunition: 2 boxes will be enough. If neccessary we can shoot a few rounds to check rifles zero prior to actual hunt. If you shoot a caliber that is not common, you may want to bring another box. Standard caliber is available in Townsend should you get low.
Hunter Orange: While in the field, Montana law requires all hunters and guides to wear a minimum of 400 square inches of orange. I recommend a soft cloth orange vest that is quiet when hunting. An orange camouflage is preferred.
Optics: We will be speding time glassing large areas of mountainous terrain so a good set of optics is a must. Binoculars should be 8 or 10 power and if you have a spotting scope, bring it.
Conditioning: I reccomend all hunters be in reasonable fitness for this hunt. You do not have to train for a marathon but i reccomend walking for a few miles a day prior to your hunt. Wear your hiking boots to get your feet used to them.
Boots: A rubber sole and felt lined leather top with traction sole is recommended. They are good for cold weather. A pair of leather hiking boots are useful if there is no snow but have them broke in.
Camp Shoes: A pair of camp shoes, moccasins, slip ons etc. to wear around the cookhouse and rooms at night.
Pants: I recommend having one pair of wool pants, which are great for the cold but quiet for the hunt, as well as two pais of jeans or cotton hunting pants. Bring insulated underwear for extra layers.
Shirts: A couple of good wool or flannel hunting shirts. I recommend several light layers rather than one heavy layer. Mornings can be well below freezing but some afternoos can reach 70 so you want to be able to shed layers.
Mittens/Gloves: Mittens will be excellent if your hunt is scheduled middle to late November. Otherwise, two pairs of warm gloves are essential; an extra incase one pair gets wet.
Hat: A western brimmed and/or a billed wool cap that will keep your ears warm are recommended.
 Coats: I recommend having one warm incase of cold weather and a lighter one to hike in if conditions are warmer. layers, layers, layers.
Daypack: This would be useful for short hikes and keeping your gear organized.
Personal items: Toiletries, medications.
Camera/Videocamera: Our guides all carry cameras but please bring your own and a video camera if you wish.
Meat coolers: If you drive bring 3 or 4 big coolers for your meat.
Small flaslight
Knife/Saw: All guides will have good knives but extras are always handy.
Personal Alcoholic Bevrages: Beer and liquor can be purchased in Townsend.
The ranch has laundry facilities for your use during your stay