About The Flynn Ranch

The Flynn ranch of Townsend, Montana is a 6th generation working ranch. The ranch has roots extending far into the past, settled by Jefferson and Anthony Sharp in 1873. The ranch and its 20,000 acres of privately owned and leased property, is nestled in the breathtaking Big Belt mounatins of Soth West Montana. We specialize in guided hunts for Elk, Deer and Antelope. Your guides are the owners and stewards of these lands and very experienced hunters who have hunted this land for over 20 years.

Throughout these years the guides have learnt the migration pattern of the game on the property and this helps immensely in providing a succesful hunt for you. Our goal is to fill your tag but to also offer you a postive hunting experience and we pride ourselves in listening to the hunter and providing the type of hunt you want to experience. We offer a ‘fair chase’ hunt and we have great respect for our land and the animals that live there.

You will will have comfortable lodgings to return to every evening and great ranch style food. If you have been dreaming of hunting in the mounatins of Montana, come and experience our family run ranch. We would be proud to offer you our private land for your next hunting adventure!